Dizzy Nip Nops

Over four million spins means you can count on Dizzy.

Dizzy is no ordinary alpaca. He is the ultimate alpaca. And he has a big booty.

With over four million spins around the deck without ever dropping the beat, Dizzy is reliable. Dizzy is dependable. Dizzy won't let you down.

Some people think over 150,000 people follow Jessu for her incredible beats. They are wrong. Over 150,000 people follow Dizzy. What other alpaca has that kind of prestige and influence?

Sure, the world should be okay with nipples. But until that day comes, Dizzy is here for you. He'll protect your modesty like he spins around the deck: endlessly and tirelessly.

You can trust your nip nops to Dizzy.

Coming soon to fine retailers worldwide. Estimated availability: year 2420.

While you're waiting for the best new pasties to hit the market, follow Dizzy's shenanigans over on Dizzy's (err...Jessu's?) channel on Twitch.
Mannequin wearing pasties that are an image of Dizzy the alpaca with pink tassles hanging off